What was that?

Ok, so I’m slowly on my journey of awakening, with good progress in each session. During the last session, pleasure built up to a new high. I got to a place where I had the very real sensation that my legs and hips were swaying side-to-side as if I was lying sideways on the shore of a wave pool, each crashing wave, and each withdrawing wave moving my entire lower body by many feet in either direction.
I haven’t read this described in other posts, but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced the same.
I don’t think I have experienced any p-waves yet,(unless that was it,) but I was amazed that it continued for several minutes since I seem to lose any increasing pleasure anytime I get a new sensation. This time, however, my realization of this new sensation didn’t stop upon my realizing it was there, even though it did break my concentration when I realized it was happening.
Eventually, I did lose forward progress, but it blew my mind that this sensation occurred, and this has really opened my mind that prostate pleasure is on a whole other level of experience than I had imagined would be possible.
Can’t wait for a chance to have another session!

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