Best pleasure of my life last night

And I haven’t even had an orgasm yet, besides traditional of course.

I hadn’t played for almost a month. But the last two nights, something came over me. I felt so horny. People say that all the time, and I feel like we don’t truly bask in it when we say it. You know what I mean? I was so horny I was smiling because I knew I was about to have fun. I knew I wanted to put my Progasm in my ass.

I was starting to tremble all over my body. My butt was squeezing involuntarily. I was burying my face in a pillow. I kept going like this for about an hour.

I flipped over onto my back and laid there listening to porn. It was this really long video that I knew I wouldn’t have to restart, where she was moaning continuously. But it was so real, not like you hear in the rest of porn. And I just kept imagining I was her, getting opened up by a cock. And then…something happened. Has this happened to any of you?…

My Progasm started to slip out. I reached down expecting it to fall out, as I could feel it moving. And then…it stopped. It hit my mattress and jammed itself. It was teetering on the edge of falling out but it just…stopped. It was fucking stretching out my anus. Holy shit. I’ve never felt pleasure like that in my life. I kept squeezing and it just kept rolling around my anus as the bottom pressed onto my mattress. It’s like it wanted to get out, but it couldn’t. So it just kept battering my anus in protest. Every time I clenched, it made it move in this circular motion. Like the toy thought it was a good tactic to try and make me mad, begging me to take it out all the way. Did it think it would be hurting me?? Because little did it know it was giving me the best pleasure of my life. My whole body was shaking. My abs were clenching and I started jerking my torso up and down. I can’t explain it. I stayed like that for 10 minutes. It wasn’t an orgasm but it felt like I was *about* to have one the whole time. *That* is what felt so amazing. It sounds maddening, but feeling like you’re about to orgasm for 10 minutes (even though not orgasming) might almost be better than orgasming. It’s so counterintuitive. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?? Please God…I need to talk about this feeling with **somebody**. I held off as long as I could but it became clear tonight wasn’t the night for my first dry orgasms. And that was okay. I then finished myself off with probably the best cum of my life.

The literal next thing I remember, it was over 5 minutes later. And I was smiling. At peace. I don’t even know what happened in those 5 minutes after I shot my load. I don’t even remember! I was in some serene state. And I didn’t even realize till it was over that I spent more than 5 minutes not even processing “wow that was a great orgasm.” It was just like I was living the aftermath, not even knowing I was in the aftermath till after the aftermath. I fell asleep and woke up not only feeling refreshed, but like I was an adonis. I felt attracted to myself lol. I felt like people are attracted to me. All because an aneros was trapped and forced to trace circles along the inner edge of my anus.

So yeah, that’s definitely not how the toy was designed to be used. But you can bet my ass I’m going to be doing that every time.

If you’re reading this far, I propose something to you. Instead of just feeling horny, doing the deed, cumming (whether you are at the stage of prostate orgasms or just where I am), rolling over, saying “alright, that was Tuesday,” and scrolling through the socials or what have you – really try and get excited about what you’re doing. It’s not a “yeah whatev, no biggie.” This whole thing is insane! Feel like a fucking God. Feel like you’re being a naughty boy. Get a devilish little smile on your face. Feel slutty if you’re into that. This is pleasure lit on fire. Act like it mofos! What do you say?

This isn’t just routine. This is a ridiculously sexy experience every time you do it; treat it as such. I wanna start a movement here! I wanna start hearing about how much fun you had and how dirty you felt!! Not just how you felt something really good and then boom on with your life. Bask in it, you fucking studs! Who’s with the movement?? ✋



  1. Why are you saying it was not an orgasm?

    For me, i was a 10 minutes orgasm, maybe even a Super-O. Remember: one of the definition of Super-O is « the best sexual pleasure of your life ».

  2. Definitely sounds like you had an anal orgasm man – and a super hot one at that! 🙂

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