1. On my back, knees up, feet flat on the bed. Trying to get some success on my side and other positions as well, but none work as well as on my back.

  2. Left or right side, knees in various angles as the time passes. A couple hits really allows relaxation and sensations to flow, but I also have a lot of good success without.

    Back has never worked very well for me.

    I have had some limited success with stomach and making sure my penis is pressed toward my feet tucked between legs. I get intense pressure with my aneros in this position but the waves build super fast only to usually fade quickly as well.

    I think side with balls tucked behind and penis in front gives the right balance of pressure when tensions builds and release of pressure when I relax into a pwave. This position allows me to get that tug of war between relaxation of all the pelvic floor muscles and the cycling of involuntary contractions.

    Last week I had a couple good hits and that led me to my side position with rolling orgasms that went on for about 10 minutes.

    Aneros Helix or a curved medium silicone plug are my go to toys.

  3. On the toilet at first to get the focus on the base and center. Then in bed on my back. I noticed that wiggling my hips gives a little more tickle.

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