First HFWO

So I’m a beginner since I just started a month ago and like most beginners, I grew frustrated. I watched the mindgasm videos (highly recommended) and could feel something and get p shivers but that was it. When inserting the helix trident it would just feel like something was in there but nothing else, kind of uncomfortable especially standing up.

I have an open mind and if you’re a beginner you might know what I’m talking about. However, it happened today completely unexpected right after waking up. I read about how you’re less likely to orgasm if you’re wanting it. It felt like being in a half awake dreamy like state is the perfect opportunity.

I also read that edibles make a huge difference so I took two THC pills and I just laid back with my feet flat getting comfortable under the covers. I started get into a meditative state where all I could feel were my arms feeling heavy. I started focusing on breathing for 15-20 minutes while doing nothing, just breathing. Once the edibles started to kick in a bit I mentally contracted my PC muscle and held it. I started to actually feel my prostate.

I very slowly physically started to contract my PC muscle and I got to the very top and I held it there. By this point I was feeling pretty great. I let go completely while breathing deeply and did nothing. Now I started to mentally contract my PC muscle. I was feeling the edibles a bit more at this point so I focused on mentally contracting to the very top how I was doing it physically and I was starting to feel it. I knew this was it, I was about to get an orgasm. Dammit my helix was in another room, I knew I needed to grab it so I quickly went to grab it, lubed up and inserted. Quickly shuffled back to the room and I laid on my back and tried to get in my old comfortable position. I laid there doing nothing with my feet flat on the bad. I was worried I had lost the magic. so I started to focus on just breathing and I started to mentally hold my PC again and just immediately start shaking my hips.

I quickly physically contracted my PC muscle and my hips just started bucking instantly. I just gave into the feelings and let go of my thoughts while holding onto the PC muscle but I never contracted the base muscle. I just pretended like it didn’t exist and felt the aneros inserted instead. That feeling I was talking about earlier that the helix would “feel like something was in there.” I gave into that feeling ignoring the sphincter and felt the helix rubbing my prostate instead while contracting the PC muscle alone.

By now the edibles were taking full effect and the feeling was just incredible. I couldn’t believe the pleasure I was getting without touching my penis at all. I rewired in the middle of this session because since I’m still a beginner I kept wanting to orgasm through my penis but at this point my penis was no longer a part of me. My prostate was the star of the show and I could imagine the helix milking it.

While I was still mentally holding onto my PC muscle I flipped over and laid on my stomach. I started to naturally thrust my hips and I just let go of all my thoughts and gave in completely to the pleasure I was feeling. I feel the marijuana really helped me here because I could really imagine contracting my PC to 100% but not actually doing it and my body just started shaking and humping.

I let go completely and relaxed while still breathing. In my head I started doing what I just did and contracting my PC muscle while humping and shaking but not actually doing it.
I was in such a trance state that I was mentally thrusting and holding my PC muscle. I kept repeatedly holding onto this orgasmic feeling. I was stretching out completely at this point to where my toes were fully stretched out and my hands completely stretched out. I could feel my eyes roll to the back of my head.

I can’t even imagine how I looked at this point but my god it was so amazing. I started to physically move my hips and started to hold my actual PC muscle this time and I started to thrust and hold my base as well. I was just physically doing it all.

I grabbed onto the top and the side of the mattress with a tight grip and started humping the bed harder and I just imagined the aneros repeatedly milking my prostate. Every thrust the helix was rubbing my prostate and I just held on until I exploded.

My brain just exploded with pleasure, there were pleasure fireworks going off in my head and I could feel it all over. This warm feeling of pleasure just pulsing through my whole body continuously. It was insane.

I can’t even imagine what a Super O will feel like this was nuts but I’m so happy to have experienced this. Just two weeks ago I felt like all the helix was doing was being in my butt. I finally understand now. I have no words for the orgasm. I have a huge grin writing this up and I wanted to thank the sub because the tips and stories played a huge role.



  1. Wow, reading that gives me so much hope. I just had a similar experience, but you are further along rewiring and moving fast!

    So many “me too” moments!! My little break through was an early morning session, just doing practice breathing A-Less and had to grab the toy from the other room! First time the toy “took over” and was more than just in there! Had a bit of help from my girl Mary Jane! Couldn’t stop gripping the mattress, and I’ve never done that! I even get what you mean about ignoring the sphincter, and the need to stretch out as far as you can! Had these shivering stretches that I assume are p waves, but not sure. I am sure I had my best HFWO ever!

    I’d almost swear your post came from me, it was so cool to read. I’m still processing what happened to me In a different world we might chat about this over a beer! I just can’t wait to figure out how to have dry and repeating O’s. Any tips? I feel like we might be quite similar and could help each other.

    Cheers and enjoy the rides.

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