1. I have the same problem as you do.
    While some struggle to feel anything, I easily get pleasure and have an HFWO if I contract the muscles with some intensity.

    What I’ve been trying to do is when I start to feel any pleasure, stop to voluntary contract the muscles and focus on that pleasure. Sometimes the muscles keep on contracting by themselves and because it is not a voluntary contraction, it is a very subtle stimulation with subtle pleasure. I’m hopping that this type of prolonged but subtle stimulation is the right path.
    My next goal is to try a longer session because usually I end up after a 1:30h or 2h at maximum.

  2. stop when you are about to cum. i think you might be associating orgasm with ejaculation

  3. Putting way too much pressure on your prostate… that’s where the do nothing concept come into play… just back off the squeeze… but continue the nipple play… you’ll ease back into the dry POs then..

  4. Try switching to Peridise, simple plug or no toys at all. Don’t get stiff in the groin, try more relaxing positions (knees up), make sure nothing rubs on your penis. The point is to ease off whatever is putting you over the edge.

  5. No reason you can’t keep going… some of my best sessions have been after ejaculation…

    If you are doing manual contractions… try the do nothing method or hold a small contraction at like 20% and ease it back as you tighten

  6. Yeah I’m in the same boat as you. I can have a HFWO each time with either the Progasm, Eupho or MGX but I want the Super O and I only seem to be able to go to a HFWO but I’d like to go down a different path.

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