Is this normal?

I’ve been using a aneros on and off for a while with some nice progress, but last night was by best session by many times over. I could feel it hitting my prostate like a boxer working speed bag. Today when I went to the restroom there was what looked like a massive load of seminal fluid in the toilet that came out of my rectum. I’m straight, so I know it wasn’t someone else that left it there… it’s it possible for the prostate to drain into your colon? It’s possible it was lube because I use a generous amount of water-based in a syringe, but I’ve been doing it a while and have ever seen anything like it before (and this was at least 12 hours later). I’m a little concerned.



  1. Could be the mucus lining your rectum that made it out with the lube. I know it can happen while douching and the first time it freaked me out because I didn’t know that was even a thing.

  2. It was the leftover lube. Don’t fret. If it happens again without using lube before there is reason to worry. Now there isn’t. Don’t use your aneros without lube, it won’t work.

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