Need of feedback

I take any advices and I will take them as a grain of salt so please feel free and ask me whatever you have on your mind

I bought the MGX Syn trident the small version. 2 days ago it arrived and it was my first time to insert anything behind the back door so it was scary but now I am used to it I highly recommend coconut oil because it also mitigates the odor.

Until the point of insertion I was abstaining from ejaculation for 2 weeks as I have been told that one should abstain from ejaculation minimum 3 days in order to make progress

When it was inside I have felt nothing and I was watching some porn to get my arousal going but still I have felt nothing

Furthermore I felt in despair because I was contracting my muscles up to the point where my D was twitching and try to maintain it but still I felt nothing

I will take some weed end of the month and try it again but before that I really want to try with my normal perception so please help me by asking questions or giving me instructions with reasoning behind it please



  1. I had some similar struggles and then randomly I read about a “do nothing” approach – insert, earbuds with binaural beats and just relax and feel.

    I don’t know exactly how to describe it, but it almost feels like a pinky moving against your prostate in sync with your pulse. Let that feeling do it’s thing and then you’ll start to feel as if it is becoming something larger moving. That’s when it’s game on.

    Also, that feeling will go away, that’s ok. Go back to step one and start riding out that feeling again. A few nights ago was my most intense session yet. I don’t even know how to begin describing it but that was the method I went with.

    Oh and I also smoked a good bit prior.

    I do find that if you are exhausted, results won’t be nearly as good (I’m a contractor.) I still do it those nights but I’m not expecting fireworks just some minimal good waves before sleep.

    I yank it regularly, no issue there. ✌🏻

  2. This might be a tough pill to swallow because you just spent money on it, but it might just be that the MGX is not for you. You might want to check out a different toy, one that’s more popular such as the Helix Syn Trident.

    Now before I give you the wrong impression, the very first thing you should do is just keep trying. Don’t get into the mindset that the right toy is going to give you a super o, that’s not quite how it works either.

    In order to make progress you’re going to need patients, practice, the proper mindset, and the right tool for the job.

    I feel like you have the right mindset, you’re inquisitive and open to new sensations. Just put in the toy and let the feelings do what they’re going to do.

    It will take some patience, feels weird at first. For me it felt unnatural, because it is. My instincts were that there shouldn’t be anything in my butt. Once you’re more used to it your brain will start to figure out that it actually feels pretty good.

    Practice will give you the ability to not only tolerate the toy better, but to understand how it works better, and to understand what you’re feeling better as well, so just let it ride for a while until you’re totally used to it. Only then can you make a determination as to whether it really feels good or just feels weird.

    Ultimately you’ll probably end up trying a variety of toys. I think not only is that normal, the grass is greener sort of thing, but also it’s part of the learning process, the exploration of your own body. You got to try different stuff to know what feels good.

    One way or the other, don’t give up! It’s not going to be an overnight kind of thing most likely, but the destination is worth the journey.

    Good luck!

  3. Nipple play…nipple play… nipple play… once you achieve sensitivity with your nipples, you’ll feel like your nipples are directly attached to your prostate… puts me right over the edge every time…

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