Any recommendation/opinion is welcomed

I have not yet achieved a super o and my goal is to achieve on a consistent basis that is why I bought the aneros

My usual practice is to insert the aneros and then to edge(masturbate) myself and try not to fully ejaculate

When I just insert the aneros I do not feel any arousal. But I can milk my prostate which means I can contract my pc muscle and a clear fluid is coming out of my D.

I have been told that you need to be aroused in order to achieve or discover the super o. The problem with arousal is that there are low levels and high level of arousal. The other problem is that the time of arousal can be very short or a bit longer than short. Therefore I am practicing edging which allows me to train my level and time frame of arousal. So the goal of edging is to be able to control my arousal if I ejaculate then obviously I cannot continue my practice. When I am almost at the edge which is the moment I am about to ejaculate then I am at the highest level and longest time frame of arousal

Today I was doing the same where I have my aneros inserted while also masturbating (edging). When I am close to the edge so the moment when I about to ejaculate. At this moment i was trying to focus deliberately focus on breathing with my belly and I started to notice a different feeling in my body. After that I ejaculated only a bit but my D stayed hard and I was able to continue my practice

Need of feedback

I take any advices and I will take them as a grain of salt so please feel free and ask me whatever you have on your mind

I bought the MGX Syn trident the small version. 2 days ago it arrived and it was my first time to insert anything behind the back door so it was scary but now I am used to it I highly recommend coconut oil because it also mitigates the odor.

Until the point of insertion I was abstaining from ejaculation for 2 weeks as I have been told that one should abstain from ejaculation minimum 3 days in order to make progress

When it was inside I have felt nothing and I was watching some porn to get my arousal going but still I have felt nothing

Furthermore I felt in despair because I was contracting my muscles up to the point where my D was twitching and try to maintain it but still I felt nothing

I will take some weed end of the month and try it again but before that I really want to try with my normal perception so please help me by asking questions or giving me instructions with reasoning behind it please