Any recommendation/opinion is welcomed

I have not yet achieved a super o and my goal is to achieve on a consistent basis that is why I bought the aneros

My usual practice is to insert the aneros and then to edge(masturbate) myself and try not to fully ejaculate

When I just insert the aneros I do not feel any arousal. But I can milk my prostate which means I can contract my pc muscle and a clear fluid is coming out of my D.

I have been told that you need to be aroused in order to achieve or discover the super o. The problem with arousal is that there are low levels and high level of arousal. The other problem is that the time of arousal can be very short or a bit longer than short. Therefore I am practicing edging which allows me to train my level and time frame of arousal. So the goal of edging is to be able to control my arousal if I ejaculate then obviously I cannot continue my practice. When I am almost at the edge which is the moment I am about to ejaculate then I am at the highest level and longest time frame of arousal

Today I was doing the same where I have my aneros inserted while also masturbating (edging). When I am close to the edge so the moment when I about to ejaculate. At this moment i was trying to focus deliberately focus on breathing with my belly and I started to notice a different feeling in my body. After that I ejaculated only a bit but my D stayed hard and I was able to continue my practice

I really want to discover the super o any opinion or recommendations are appreaciated



  1. First you need to start taking deep breaths and exhale thru your mouth.
    Second, it is important to visualize a sexual situation that gets you horned up. Third, once the prostate massagers is in , relax. Let the sensations come to you. Do not force or masterbate. Leave your penis alone.
    Go to the Aneros forum for more info and ideas.

  2. Yep, the reason for not touching your penis in the beginning is to help wake up your prostate. If you’re touching your penis it will pretty much dominate over your prostate. Why, cause that all your body knows right now. Traditionally masterbate on your off days from prostate play. Also if you want to help speed things up with your prostate start playing with your nipples. There is a nipple prostate connection. Once you wake them up they can get your prostate going in literally seconds.The others here have good advice too. Good luck.

  3. Indeed, at the beginning of the journey, you should not touch your penis. Being aroused does not mean being erect. You can imagine torrid scenes or simply not ejaculating for a few days. That’s what being aroused is all about.
    Starting with a few minutes of edging before the massager is inserted can be a good idea. But once the massager is inserted, you should not touch your penis anymore.
    Once you have regular prostate orgasms you can end a session with an ejaculation.
    The forum of the Aneros site and the wiki give good advice.

  4. The best tip I can give here is to stop masturbating with the aneros in, it won’t help with getting anywhere. Just keep the aneros in and do light kegals. This will get you on the right path. just feel the pleasure in your prostate, not your penis. The super o or any kind of prostate orgasm comes from your prostate.

    one final tip for your arousal is to probably masturbate and edge for how long you want BEFORE inserting the aneros. hope this helps

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