1. here’s what I do: I have a wicker tray that came with a gift basket, the kind that will soon be everywhere now that we’re coming up on the holidays. Think of a breakfast in bed type tray, like 3″ deep. I wrapped it in a bedsheet so it’s soft to the touch. During my sessions I only ever lie on my back, so I put the tray on the bed not under my butt, but right after it so it’s under my upper legs. And so the idea is you position it so it blocks the aneros from slipping out. The weight of your legs keeps the tray from moving around.

    I start out without the aneros being in contact with the tray, and let the session start to build up naturally. Then when things get intense, I inch closer to the tray so it’s either in constant contact with the toy, or so it alternates between touching and not touching, as my body contracts. I find that having the rigid tray applying pressure on the toy *extremely* pleasurable, it’s like you’re already hitting the prostate really well but then you gently force some more aggressive stimulation. To me it almost feels like I’m sitting on a dildo that’s standing on end, except it’s hitting the perfect spot with the right amount of pressure because I’m lying horizontal and gravity isn’t a factor, if that makes sense. I feel like I’m floating in space on the bed and my body contractions cause the toy to bounce off the tray in just the right way for the pleasure to build to waves of immense, incredible p-gasms with a mind-blowing finish.

    It’s without a doubt the best method I’ve tried over the years, by far the one that most makes me feel like I’m not in control and the toy is taking over and having its way. It’s really easy to control just by slightly repositioning the tray. Works particularly well for me lying on my back, not sure how well it could work for other positions.

  2. I like to wear tommy john briefs you can adjust to allow movement and the horizontal fly is an exit for my erection.

  3. get old underwear, or buy a new one. Make a hole so that your dick could come out through that hole. And that’s it.

  4. I tend to go the sissy route with my sessions. Slap on some panties or pantyhose and have fun. Keeps it in while feeling sexy

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