First HFWO of my life this AM and likely going to go to hell for it!

Well, I must say it was unexpected. Had my first actual HFWO ever this am and I have been trying to do this for years. I didn’t think it would EVER happen! I have no problems ever for achieving a Super O with my aneros toys, however have never been actually able to achieve a wet orgasm this way until this mornings session. I started with smoking some weed, then used my Eupho Trident ([](

I’m probably going to go to hell at the same time however. I have listened to many erotic audios while trying to do this, especially the ones that are hypnotizing. But today was the day that finally saw me succeed at blowing my load. Reason I’m going to hell is that I had listened to this audio to achieve it. lol I may have sold my soul to a succubus! I hope not, but I guess we will see. Very hot/erotic video when in trance with some weed (legal here where I live.)



  1. <please don’t be what I think it is>

    OH, okay! I was afraid you were going to try to Rick Roll us. Carry on.

  2. Good erotic audio is hard to find…
    Would you maybe share the video’s title? (Video got removed on YT)

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