1. Everyone is different, but IMO a week of abstinence isn’t necessary. You may get some gain after a couple of days of edging w/o ejaculating, but you’ll only get marginally better results by waiting longer. Maybe a bit more if you’re over 50 or so. But long periods of abstinence not only won’t improve your orgasms much, it’s also not really healthy.

  2. No need to edge… but abstinence def wakes up the prostate and allows you too have more sensations… its a fine line tho between going too long… as then you want to cum so bad you think more with your penis than your prostate during a session.

    I have had a super O (20 minutes after cumming)… it was amazing as my dick was flaccid as and I had no interest in cumming so I just focused on the prostate feelings.

  3. I have found doing semen retention for 10 to 15 days helps in staying horny. I also have more Aless sessions.
    Life is good being rewired. As for ejaculating, don’t really have a need anymore other then keeping
    Everything working right. Once a month is enough.

  4. Once you ejaculate, there is a recovery time and a period to build back that arousal. I only ejaculate to keep my balls healthy and sometimes you just need to ejaculate for sanity reasons. I probably ejaculated 10-12 times this year.
    Over time, prostate orgasms are more intense, last longer, and you can have multiples. Also you can have Aless, which can be just as intense.

  5. I have given up penile masturbation completely. I ejaculate either from sex with my wife, or HFWO from prostate play. I haven’t stroked since late October. HFWO are still rare, but more frequent than before I gave up stroking.

  6. It wouldn’t hurt, but it takes time for some. Doing kegels help. I do them every day. I also use the Tempo. Love that model. It really got all my anal nerves going.

  7. I enjoy my Aneros sessions so much more then my rub out sessions… I save the juice for the wifey, and do my solo sessions in between… once you get to pwaves, you’ll crave less and less penile orgasms… but they are still fun, too… just less often now… and this comes from a guy who regularly beat the meat 3x s a day in my yon teens….good luck

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