How to de-odorize syn V?

(and trident for that matter, but obviously vibrator will be more sensitive). Both toys are starting to get a little smelly.

I’ve tried hot water (hot enough where steam is coming off it, but not a roiling boil) with a splash of white wine vinegar and it still has that smell.

Syn V manual says not to use anything with alcohol, acetone, or petroleum?



  1. Steam it. Boil it. Wash it. Repeat. Steam works best, I use a bissell Power Steamer

    Also, the silicone toys tend to lose bad aromas more when left out in the open as opposed to a tiny box in your bed stand.

  2. Wash it twice with hot water and good hand or dish soap (one with a citrus odor works well). Then wash again, leave the soap on it, and let it sit for a few hours in the sink or shower. Rinse well with hot water. Let it air-dry overnight. Repeat if necessary.

    In the future, you may want to consider cleaning out before you play. A cheap drugstore enema is a quick and easy way to not only avoid the mess/smell on the toy, but allows easier movement of the toy and more pleasure. It’s worth the trouble! Or, try a condom on the toy.
    Happy riding!

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