Feel teased

Hi! I recently bought an Helix Syn Trident, and when i use it when sufficiently horny i can get some really great feeling (not sure if actually a p-wave though), but it also really feels like i’m being teased by my prostate and that there’s this one spot somewhere inside my ass that if i were to touch it with the Aneros would be absolute bliss. Problem is, i can’t manage to reach it no matter what i do. It always feels like it’s *just* out of reach.

Can anyone relate? Does the spot actually exist, or is it a part of the rewiring process? If it’s real, how do i reach it?

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  1. Oh yeah, that spot exists alright! And the Aneros is almost certainly already touching it. But getting more feeling from it is part of the process. You said you “just bought” the Helix. So keep practicing! It takes time, but eventually you will figure out how to get there, and your body will realize how great it feels. The main thing is to relax, take your time, and focus on the feelings.

    Also, don’t be afraid to try different things. For example, try lightly stroking yourself for a bit before inserting the toy, and maybe even for a little bit afterwards. That will definitely increase your horniness. But once you start getting feelings from the prostate, stop stroking and focus on your prostate only. Until maybe when you’re ready to end your session, if you aren’t feeling a HFO, then you can stroke yourself to a “super T” (prostate+penis) orgasm. That feels great especially if you are limited on time, because pure prostate orgasms often take at least 30-60 minutes for most guys. I know some people say “never touch your penis” during an Aneros session, but that didn’t work for me.

    There really aren’t any rules except to have fun and enjoy the pleasure your body is capable of. Just don’t give up, it sounds like you’re getting closer to your goal!

  2. Relax everything including your PC and sphincter. Then just give a SLIGHT push that does it for me. I feel electricity hit me.

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