Anyone try the Tempo Model & like it?

Who has any experience with the Tempo model when compared to the regular style of Aneros models? (like the Helix, Progasm, Eupho, & etc.) How would you rate it on a scale of 1 to 10; as the best is a #10? Any other comments on this topic is greatly appreciated!



  1. Have it and love it – so maybe an 8 or 9? Only complaint is the price but I got it on a big sale so wasn’t so bad. Sensation-wise it’s much different than the others but probably closest in feeling to the Eupho. The movement when things “get going” is very different (faster-feeling maybe?), so it’s great if you want to mix with other toys in a single session. The weight and polish of the metal are great and you can do temperature play with it if that’s your thing. Happy to answer specific questions if you have them but I feel in the end it’s just one of those things you need to experience for yourself unfortunately. I doubt you’ll regret it.

  2. 10, my favorite toy. It really got my anal nerves going. Different feel, Aneros says it doesn’t get to the prostate. I think it does or at least mind.

  3. No Tempo model here, but I started with the Helix Syn then moved to a fuller feeling Maximus, which sent me into the wonderful world of pgasms… just bought the Progasm to go alittle bigger but when I got it, I thought no way I’m getting this inside me… just finished my first Progasm session using jungle juice platinum to open me up… the JJ does work very well… very enjoyable session with plenty of pwaves but not like my previous sessions with the MaximusMaximus does it for me the best so far…Maximus is a 10, Progasm is a 8 and Helix Syn is a 5… good luck

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