Helix Syn V, do I need to charge to full on first charge?

Been looking forward to trying my new Helix Syn V that just arrived today. Got back from work and opened it and saw in the manual that I need to charge it for 2 hours on my first charge. I remember years ago it was important to charge things to full on their first charge but thought this was not necessary with newer electronic devices.

I REALLY want to try this thing out to know if it was worth the money. Can I just partially charge it and try it? or will that mess up the battery? Can’t find any information on this subject other than the one line in the manual saying to fully charge it.


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/psa6pu/helix_syn_v_do_i_need_to_charge_to_full_on_first/


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