What’s your best tip?

After using an aneros for almost a year, I have realized that there are a ton of “little things” that make a huge difference in our journeys. I thought what if we had a thread where everyone could share what has worked for them, aka what has “flipped the switch” for your journey? Maybe we could all work together to make this journey even more pleasurable!

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  1. Probably only an ‘intermediate’ at best (no pgasms yet, only some very nice pleasure I never knew I was capable of feeling), but I have two tips:

    1) find the right model for you. So far, none of the models other than the Eupho really seem to do anything for me.

    2) use a lube applicator before you put the toy in, helps both with comfort and letting the toy move more freely, which is important!

  2. Here’s mine: focus on RELAXING. No, I mean really, really relaxing. And the best way to do this is… Stop trying. I found it really hard to relax and for months was making no progress and even regressing. Then I thought maybe I am trying too hard and just allowed myself to let go completely. This was a game changer!

  3. Get fit. I notice much more intense pleasure during periods where I am consistently working out. I believe its the cardio (running) and core but weight training as well. Also, eating healthy keeps things cleaner as well.

  4. * Experiment with different toys. Each new toy or aneros model has brought me progress.
    * Don’t expect a rushed session to work out how you want it
    * Sessions are better a few hours/the evening after after a crushing workout
    * lube matters (type, amount, method of application, different for different toys)
    * audio (search HFO on r/gonewildaudio, mindgasm.net) instead of porn

  5. Stretching.

    Use a bigger toy like a 1.5 inch diameter dildo to loosen up just a little bit. My Aneros Helix Syn would not move until I played with an njoy wand knock-off some to loosen up. If the toy won’t move then the toy won’t work…

  6. Here’s what I do, and I’ve been able to get to multiple Super Os/dry orgasms in a session with no drugs and no porn:

    1. Relieve yourself and clean out. Knowing there won’t be a mess later helps me to relax.

    2. Shower. Again, feeling clean helps with the relaxation, along with the hot water.

    3. I wear a HT Nub chastity cage for prostate play, because it eliminates the temptation to stimulate other things, allowing me to focus on the prostate, plus the pressure that comes from the inevitable arousal puts additional pressure on the prostate, which is very nice.

    4. Lube and insert your toy. I use an Aneros Helix. Ymmv.

    5. I like to listen to binaurals during prostate play, not because they actually do something, but it helps with the sensory deprivation, so earbuds in, music on.

    6. Put on a spandex blindfold hood and a good silicone ball gag. The hood is for sensory deprivation and the gag keeps me (relatively) quiet, plus the bondage aspect gets me into the right headspace.

    7. Lie down and do some deep breathing exercises. This relaxes me further.

    8. You should focus your awareness on two things: your sphincter tension and PC muscle contractions at the base of your penis. The sphincter tension keeps your toy pressed against your prostate, while PC contractions provide stimulation. At this point, the P-waves start, so focus on relaxing and riding those waves.

    9. At this point, I start experiencing a series of quick, sharp, core muscle contractions along with a lot of pleasure. These will vary in intensity, but the time between them gradually becomes less and less, and I start straining against the chastity cage, which begins a nice positive feedback loop. PC contractions start to become involuntary, and at this point I’m just doing for the ride.

    10. I can ride along like this for a while, enjoying things, but if I want a super O/dry O, I added some nipple play. This turns the intensity way up, and increasing the intensity of the nipple play will put me over the edge into a Super O. Thrusting into the toy along with the nipple play will increase the intensity further, and I’ve had three consecutive Super Os/dry orgasms (they were simultaneous at one point) like this, the last one without nipple play, just thrusting.

    I know this was long, but I hope it helps somebody.

  7. Stop masturbation…
    It will lead to better sessions.
    It will make you be able to Aless almost every night or when ever you want.
    It will get rid of any sort of death grip / sensitivity issues with you.
    Makes you crave sex more (if in a relationship / married / like to get out)

    So many benefits….

    The Aless one is the best every night.

    I always struggled with this forever, but once you get to about 5 days of build up.. even an Aless session feels like a pounding in your prostate and feels amazing.

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