Anyone sprain their bottom/anal muscles from overuse?

It seems I went a bit too hard on a session a few months back. My PC muscles and the muscles that tense up during orgasm near my prostate were both super sore. My PC muscles have recovered since but whatever internal butt muscles are involved in prostate orgasms will still ache for a day or two if I try to do an Aneros session, even lightly.

Has anyone experienced this before? Do I just need to go a whole month or two without any sessions? I plan on seeing a doctor if it doesn’t go away, I’m just wondering if anyone else has strained themselves in a similar way. It’s kind of annoying because I’ve figured out how to have really good sessions since then.



  1. I think this would fall in the category of “if it hurts, stop doing it” (at least for a while so it can heal up).

    Can’t say that I’ve ever had any muscle strains, only thing I’ve had is my prostate itself being a bit irritated after getting too aggressive with the stimulation. Usually fades in a day or so, though.

  2. It might not be a strain, but pelvic tension. You may need to see a PT who treats the internal pelvic muscles – they’re fairly common depending what country you’re in. It will involve a finger in the bum, just to warn you

  3. When I use the njoy Pure Wand, I find my internal prostate area gets sore… feels like I pulled an internal muscle…I think it’s bcs of the heavy pressure it puts on my prostate (I can only insert the small end since the larger ball is too big for me)… when I use my aneros Maximus, I feel a lighter pressure but a greater fullness… I achieve the big prostate O’s during these sessions.. I usually don’t get sore unless I have 2 or 3 day in a row sessions… that’s why it’s best to rest up 2-3 days in between sessions… also I usually only use the Pure Wand when I am g massaging my GF (large ball) then switch over to the small ball for my turn (usually a penile massage/ cum… let us know how your feeling after a few days rest… it is concerning…

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