What to do if you’re stuck ahead of involuntary contractions?

I’m a long time MGX owner, using it off and on for years without much success. And before you say anything, my expectations couldn’t be lower right now. Anyways, according to what I’ve been reading, I think I’ve gotten to the point of expecting to experience involuntary contractions any time soon, but actually can’t. I usually do-nothing as I can easily get too carried away otherwise, but holding light, rhythmic, voluntary contractions as some suggest doesn’t seem to help, either.

This question is mainly addressed to those of you who were stuck in my same situation but managed to overcome it and finally make progress. Basically, I’m kindly asking how you made it, assuming it doesn’t have to do with drugs and stuff.

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  1. Started listening to binanural beats / erotic hypno. They have very much the same feelings in the same mussles / area and helps you understand what to be feeling.

  2. My involuntaries didn’t come right away. In fact it took almost two years for anything involuntary to happen at all for me. At 3+ years now they’re abundant. In my experience mine started gradually. Getting more pronounced and obvious over time. I think outside of doing sessions kegels do help. The pc muscles get stronger and more conditioned. Also if you haven’t already use the Mindgasm.net on YouTube. That’s helped a lot of people with getting their involuntaries giung. Including myself. They’ll slowly start up for you. Some people it just takes longer than others. Good luck 👍 🙂

  3. I get involuntaries all the time. Use a lot of lube on the toy and lube up before insertion. I have the Eupho and Progasm, I find that I get involuntaries easier with the Progasm. Maybe you should consider getting a bigger Aneros. Try the do nothing approach and very light pc contractions to get things started.

  4. Yeah i was stuck in a similar situation a decent time ago. I eventually moved forward by realizing that i should focus on “being” and not “doing”, be it mentally doing or bodily doing. That being said, i don’t think anyone would benefit from such a “trick” as it’s not something that can be processed by rational thinking; i believe one has to experience the transition from doing to being for himself. Meditation can and will aid this process big time, as you can literally meditate anywhere and at any time. Just with meditation alone, reaching a state of just being will open your eyes. I can’t stress this enough: monkey mind business will not help you in any way.

  5. I’ve been doing some reading on mindgasm and come across a thread about “secret muscle”. I think it applies generally, with a toy or without a toy. I don’t mean to imply it is THE thing to do but it certainly is SOMETHING to do. So don’t expect a silver bullet.

    I’ve realized I’ve been doing this and I am not aware of the extent. At least sometimes, some positions or other things may be doing this to me involuntarily or instinctively, it is hard to notice when it happens because it is subtle (at least to me). I’ve always called it “tensing up” and it happened by itself, I even try to relax it when I notice, but I kind of always knew about it, just never emplyed it intentionally.

    Other people said that it’s like trying to contract muscle at the tip of your penis. I don’t have any better description to follow. I think anybody should be able to hold it for a long time without issues, otherwise you might be doing something else. It’s very easy to do and hold, not distracting, not straining, like a very light PC muscle contraction, almost imaginary. That’s the ballpark.

  6. To be honest I just hold it in my ass as right as I hold chopsticks. So very lightly. I was squeezing like I was holding a saw. Just barely graze it. Hopefully the rest is history… Speaking of, here comes another orgasm. 🥴

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