Seriously, please help. I feel like I’m missing something. No matter how much lube I use, my anus really dries out and the toy doesn’t move much it at all. I’ve tried water based, silicone based, and coconut oil. Idk how much the toy is supposed to move but I do know that when I go to take it out it almost hurts to remove it because it has dried up so much. Any advice would be sooo appreciated!



  1. How long are your sessions? You could also try a condom. If you put lube in a condom and put the aneros in it, and tie the end around the aneros (so you don’t lose the condom…) it will be in you, without drying out. It will stay lubed within the condom

  2. It might not drying up so much as being squeezed away from the toy.

    Are you very new to anal? Possibly very tight?

    You may want to get a lube shooter and put some lube inside before your start, as well as on the toy.

    Insert and remove the toy a few times before you begin your play, re-lubeing as required.

    Good luck!

  3. Boy Butter (original version). Use a lube shooter to get some up there, lightly grease the toy, then insert it–it will last for several hours to most of the night…

  4. Idk why absolutely no one seems to know this or ever mention this, but the problem is that you’re using liquid-y and runny lubes (water and silicone-based alike).

    Find some lubes (I recommend trying several such types) that are in toothpaste-like containers, not cylinders, and make sure they’re nice and viscous or “mucousy”. Once you use *that* type of lube you’ll be blown away by how good it feels. If the lube doesn’t make your butt moisturized and happy at the end of a session then you need something new.

    Personally I use Wicked hybrid lube. It basically has the consistency of snot. It feels *a m a z i n g*, gives a pleasant moisturizing session down there, and keeps the toy slick throughout the whole session.

  5. I use J-lube, but k- and x-lube are similar. They are powders that you reconstitute to your desired consistency. Be sure to keep them on the thicker side.

  6. Silicone lube all over the toy.

    5ml of silicone lube shoot up with a shooter and it will never run dry

    Inserting lube in with a shooter is a must.

    Once put the aneros in… spin it around a few times to get the lube all around and you good. Water based dries out way too fast.

  7. Freeze coconut oil in anProgasm Icecube tray to make suppositories. Pop one in your rectum. It will melt almost immediately. Use a water-based gel lube on the toys.

  8. I use coconut oil. I can go for hours with it but I don’t fuck my ass with a dildo, I just stick an aneros in and let it chill

  9. I use the beeswax recipie called natural jelly of Rumel on the aneros forum.

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