involuntarys/autofuck achieved what now?

hello guys,

I’ll get right to the point. I’m using the aneros for 2 years on and off and achieved involuntarys early on and can instantly get the toy to autofuck me, but it always only feels nice for like 30 minutes but never really pleasurable. I think my biggest problem is, that I still haven’t successfully located my prostate. There are just too many places inside that feel kinda like the described bump when the toy is in. any advice is appreciated except drug use or edibles, because i really don’t want to use that.

Thanks in advance kind strangers.



  1. Stop caring about toys or bumps and start caring about getting insanely aroused. Toy is a way to help you with that, if it’s not helping then you need to find a way that suits you better. I am myself not too crazy about Aneros or any kind of direct stimulation.

  2. The biggest problem I see here is trying to achieve something in a mechanical way. The prostate, anus and rectum, are not like a penis, nothing alike, so trying to rub the prostate or just inserting something inside you IS NOT going to feel pleasurable, it doesn’t work like that. With a penis, you pretty much just grab it and slide your hand up and down, and you start to feel pleasure, nice, now forget about that. With anal pleasure, you need to learn to perceive the anal stimulation as pleasurable, for that you need to actually get to enjoy the stimulation, go with the flow, not force it, your goal here is to turn the feeling into pleasure, NOT finding the pleasurable “thing”. Also, the prostate is located an inch or two inside your anus, in the direction of your penis, that’s all you need to know, because it doesn’t really matter, even if you were to know its exact location, touching it isn’t going to feel pleasurable, and by the moment you start to feel anal pleasure, it will become VERY clear where your prostate is.

    If you have ever heard or read about female pleasure, all that stuff about how insanely important is foreplay and arousal to make the penetration pleasurable for them, ye all that applies to the prostate, is basically the same.

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