First mini-O?

I’ve been using aneros for several months and I think I got my first prostate orgasm last night!

I wasn’t that horny but was weirdly kind of “in the mood” so I went for it.

After a while I got this tingle all through my pelvis and it felt like the aneros was ‘pinching’ my whole prostate between it’s main body and the tab that rests between your balls and hole (I think that’s the p-tab), not painfully at all!

I knew that “wanting it” would ruin it so I decided to try to ignore my prostate area and focus on the tingling that was in my legs. At that point I began to feel like I was floating high on a cloud and felt a little dizzy/high, it lasted maybe 2 minutes at most -wasn’t paying attention to the time- then I came down. My legs shook a little, but only after I came down and the shaking itself was not pleasurable.

It didn’t exactly “take hold of me”, I had to actively continuously open myself to it, but I’ve never felt that before!

The strangest feeling was the ‘pinching’ that I felt. Today light night feels a little foggy like a dream. I know this type of post must come up all the time but I’m excited and wanted to share.

Have other people felt this ‘pinching’ or ‘squeezing’ feeling coming from the toy both internal and external via the taint?

One thing I have struggled with is long sessions. I get bored or tired after 40 minutes or so and almost never go past an hour and a half.


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  1. I feel that all the time. It’s the P Tab acting like a pivot with the internal part rubbing on your Prostate. Concentrate on that feeling you get. For me, it’s just like a tingling feeling down there that culminates in involuntaries and my dick getting hard and hopefully a Super O. It’s just like ejaculating but without any cum. And it repeats itself until I feel totally exhausted.

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