Do you feel a super O has to be intense?

Back in August, I had my first super O. The feelings were unlike anything I can describe. I haven’t played with my aneros in about a month, so I popped it in the other day out of curiosity. I did what I did the time I orgasmed, like rubbing my nipples. I felt the pressure build up, but instead of going crazy like last time, I just got the most blissful feeling run through me. I felt so relaxed and floaty. I was super hard like before, and the pre cum leakage was crazy, but I never had spasms or anything. I moaned and laughed uncontrollably. Anyone say this was a super O?



  1. I don’t really use these terms internally, there’s a variety of feelings and intensities and different qualities to them.

    If it’s just an isolated occurence or a couple of them then I wouldn’t call it a super-O. But this sounds like the kind of body response that I like and when it lingers and easily repeats, that’s what I call a super-O. The main quality is that I trigger the heightened state, it feels good the whole time and spikes even higher.

  2. The floating thru space / another dimension would also class as a super O. Not that intense orgasim feeling but feels like you are just floating and its amazing.

  3. Yep, the feelings are so intense compared to normal sex. It’s a Pandora’s box, a fundamental change and you realise you will never be the same. The feelings are so intense, go on and on and are all consuming. It’s like have sex on drugs.

  4. Those strong super O’s are all about mindset to me. If I’m in the right mood or frame of mind, they build on each other and I can almost full my mind getting pulled into it.

    That’s what the things like being comfortable, stoned, lights out, binaural beats, mindgasm, etc really do is allow you to be more susceptible to essentially hypnotizing yourself into orgasm.

    I still have orgasms outside of that happening, but not the intense body blending, brain melting, earth quake ones.

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