Guide To Bowel Movements

An icky question, but not something I see adressed in much detail. How are you guys able to enjoy yourself so often without the disturbance of bowel movements? I eat relatively healthy and try to eat foods with fiber but I still get plenty of loose stools and stools that don’t fully evacuate. I also have IBS which is likely playing a big part in this. Does anyone know a solution to this? I really want to enjoy my new toy but it feels like it’s just never safe to do so.



  1. Eating clean does help alot.
    Nuts are terrible for it

    (Gross) but the way to do it… is whack on a disposable glove before the session with lube…. finger up and clean it out…..

  2. Running-in?

    I don’t like to have anal or prostate play without. It’s very relaxed when removing the toy.

  3. I go in the shower and manually clear myself out with my hands. Never tried an enema, but I’m told this is pretty sure fire for the shit that’s way up there.

  4. I use two methods to clean, a bulb and a bidet.

    Normally I don’t need to use the bulb because the bidet has enough pressure to clean me inside and out. This is the peak of convenience, the one-stop shop, badda bing, badda done.

    Just take a seat, turn on the water and clench with light strength, enough to let the water in while holding some pressure. Your bowels fill to a point, then they release automatically. Everything goes into the bowl and then use the bidet like normal to rinse and clean any remainders.

    If I feel like I need a deeper clean though, like there might be a storm on the horizon, I’ll resort to the bulb. It’s going to be able to apply much more water than the bidet, because you can clench your butt closed now tightly when you’re filling up. Head to the toilet and fill the bulb with warm water, but not hot water! Stand in front of the toilet like you’re just about to sit and use the bulb. I keep a small jar of coconut oil in the bathroom to lube the bulb and my hole a little. I ain’t about pushing it in dry no matter how small the bulb is. Follow the bulb instructions. Take your seat. Hold it until you feel like it’s time, then let it go into the bowl. I will use the bidet to wash up. I will do this two or three times. Easy peasy.

    If you only take one thing away, let it be this; Bidet is the way. They’re cheap and easy to install. I highly recommend one. Your life will change for the better.

  5. I also have IBS, so I totally get you. There are some things that work for me:

    – Focus on having a balanced diet that suits you, rather than just eating high amounts of fiber. Personally, my stomach/bowels can’t tolerate high amounts of insoluble fiber, seeds and inulin, so I avoid those things. Inulin just kills me btw.

    – Be aware of what you eat and the effect it has on your stool. So you can avoid foods that give you loose stools, and incorporate regularly the ones that help you produce “complete” and easy to pass stools. In my case, some foods that I just don’t eat/drink are, milk (lactose free or not), coffee, bananas, orange juice, spicy food and spinach (there are more btw, because IBS). And some of the food that help me a lot are, potatoes (peeled), romaine lettuce, white bread, tomatoes (peeled), cucumber (without seeds) and lactose free yogurt.

    – take psyllium supplements and find the timing that works for you. As an example, I take 6-7g of Metamucil powder mixed with (around) 227ml of water, 1 or 2 hours after my 3rd meal. I do this daily though some days I forget to take it, but it’s all good, nothing changes.

    – eat proper meals at regular intervals. Like, 4 meals, 3-4 hours apart.

    – drink water, stay hydrated.

    My usual lunch, for example, is chicken with boiled potatoes, a boiled egg, and a salad (around a 1/3 of my meal I think) of tomatoes, cucumber and romaine lettuce. I eat this because I like it, it’s super simple and keeps my bowel movements on point. I add mayo, olive oil, lemon juice and all that stuff btw.

    About cleaning, when you have diet that works for you, the cleaning process is super quick. I have a bowel movement and I’m pretty much ready to go for hours. What I do, is that after my bowel movement, I lube a finger and slide it in to check. if I feel something remaining, I use a bulb enema with lukewarm water to remove any kind of debris/residue. I prefer to check with a finger first because usually I’m already clean.

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