1. Its very important to shoot about 5ml of lube inside before use or else it will keep drying out. Also silicone lasts way longer than water based lube.

    Shoot inside first then also apply a healthy amount to the toy

  2. Go to a Pharmacy and ask for a 5ml syringe. That’s what I use. They won’t ask why, but for your own comfort, if you raise baby birds that what you use to feed them. Just say you have lovebird chicks! As I said they won’t ask anyway but you might feel better having a backstory. I pour lube into a tiny bowl and draw from that with the syringe. I draw and inject two full syringes inside, before giving the toy a light glaze of lube. That’s usually enough to keep me going for as long as I need. I have never needed to re-lube using this method

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