1. I was using Gun Oil brand silicone lube and using a shooter to do 10 mls (approx), but have since moved on to the Butters instead. The butters is solid-ish at room temp and stays put, you can work a little ball of it up inside and then spread it around as it warms. Works amazingly well for overnight plug sessions, I cannot recommend it enough. WAY less mess since you don’t need to worry about a lube shooter and dripping etc.

  2. I use like 2ml boybutter for the long lasting part + 1 ml id glide for the extra glide that gives it directly at start – so 3ml max. I watch some porn, let the boybutter melt inside en mixup.

    then after a few mins of porn i lube up the toy with i glide and start my session..

    My experience is when you go higher then 3ml you reduce the feeling you get from the toy.
    3ml is the sweetspot i read from more people

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