Only getting HFWO looking for insight long post

Like the title says. I’ve been at this for like 10 years and only have had hands free wet orgasms that end the session.

I’ve used various aneros toys, the Njoy pure wand, dildos, plugs, and various other objects. So im well versed. Seems odd to say if I think back to shaking with anticipation and wonder the first time i used an anal toy.

Im straight so I took a bit getting past the stupid certain stigmas as a young adult. Im comfortable with my exploration now and respect everyone’s choices, so things have been a lot better since my mind is free and clear. Pot helps.

I’ve always been chasing a feeling I had when I first learned what my penis does. I didn’t cum. I was humping a stuffed animal straddling it (like I’d seen in adult movies on cinemax). I got really strong butterflies and warmth in my belly, pelvis, and anus. The feelings grew into tingling in my crotch and buttcheeks and before I knew it my chode, anus, and my buttcheeks started shuddering with pleasure. It was so good my muscles would give for fractions of seconds, and my whole body was warm and tingling. Rock hard erection but didn’t cum.

I’ve only got close to that ONCE since. I was just relaxing, breathing, and lightly playing with the rim of my ass. The same feelings started but I got distracted when someone came home.

I’ve been chasing that ever since but I can only get these great feelings that seem close to the others but then my prostate just ends up feeling like more of an extension of my penis and I cum. It’s longer than usual and feels like it has 2 phases, but that’s it. Im done.

Has anyone else had this issue? Either im not turned on enough and it goes nowhere, or it builds to an inevitable hands free wet orgasm.

Any tips would be appreciated. Im relaxed when this happens, but my body gets tense when the feelings build almost without me realizing it. Holding that tension feels good, but when I try to relax and ride it, I lose the turned on mindset.




  1. For whatever reason people that have HFWO are too good at going over the edge. If the toy is too much then maybe try A-less. There a chance it will end up the same way if you don’t stop before it happens, it’s the same process, it’s just more difficult to go over.

  2. I struggle with this too so commenting/upvoting just to see what further comments ppl make

  3. No reason the session has to end? Have a quick 10-20 minute break then start again….
    Cumming will be the last thing on your mind and you can focus on the feelings more.

  4. Have you separated your ejaculation from your orgasm? If you are rewired, you will orgasm a few seconds before your ejaculation reflex.
    What does this mean? It means you have the ability to have prostate orgasms. It opens a new world to aless, dry orgadms ect.. It will be different from a penal orgasm, meaning you can have multiple orgasms.
    Check out the Aneros forum.
    Good luck

  5. Better than me, I’m at over 10 years and never had a HFWO much less any other, I have also owned almost every aneros, have never been successful. It’s frustrating to say the least. No idea what I have been doing wrong, I have read the forums, info here maybe it just doesn’t work for me at all.

  6. i guess the condition for it to happen the first time was perfect, u were completely in the moment, have no expectations, in a complete surrendering mode. u didn’t even know humping a stuff animal could bring u such pleasure, ur mind and feelings were completely clear with no attachment/expectation to certain sensations/thought/feelings(which are usually very subconcious); u didnt care about one thing and have all your attention and focus on that very senseation without having any goal, then in that 100% present, magic happens. and now u are chasing it, having expectation and forcing it(which happens to the best of us). but no one can give u any tips or answer to bring urself to that 100% present again. u are the only person who can bring that back to yourself.

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