Progression? Just wanted to get some input from more experienced folk.

Hey there,

I had a really interesting session with my Aneros toy on Sunday and I wanted to post about it and see how it compares with others.

**Bit of background** I’ve been interested in this kind of prostate play for a good decade now, though it was only a couple years back that I bought an actual Aneros Helix Syn (rather than a cheaper alternative)—though I’ve been bad previously at keeping up use over time. I’ve been using it more recently having come off of antidepressants and found I can be horny again! I’ve used my toy 3 times over the past week.

**So on Sunday** I had quite a long session admitedly because I hadn’t… umm… *prepared properly*. So I had to take a break after an hour to clean properly after which I went another hour and a half. It was a pleasant, though not necessarily intense, session. I usually lay on my side but I’ve been trying to lay on my back recently (I’ve heard it makes life easier.

In general, by *doing nothing* I find it’s very pleasurable at first but it fades away within 20 minutes. I think because I’m excited when the toy goes in, and I feel my heart beat very strongly and it almost as though I feel my pulse with the toy but that excitement fades. So what I do after is use my rectal and PC muscles to nudge the toy gently. I actually worry I might be being *too* gentle with it, I can imagine a slight circular motion with the toy but the feeling is *very* slight.

I tried to use slightly stronger contractions and found if I held them at the right point, I could cause the involuntary contractions that people say is a necessary step towards super-o. I did get a sense of something building—I’ve often found that I get a “wave” of pleasure but I find I then involuntarily clench my leg muscles and it dissipates, this time I made an effort to prevent myself clenching at those moments.

Things on this occasion did build up, I noticed a few very interesting sensations:

* The toy inside me suddenly felt huge, I had my eyes closed and I was focusing on the sensations, and I felt as though my entire abdomen was just my prostate and the toy.
* I did have some pins and needles sensations in my arms but I think that’s just because I was holding my phone above me. (Sometimes I do look at a bit of porn to stay aroused, or find myself aroused just be reading descriptions of how to use the toy!)
* I did have a full-body calm sensation, it was pleasant though not intense. In a way I actually felt like I was… on the edge of something really strong? Not sure why but at the time I started begging, I guess I’m naturally a subby bitch, who knew?!? That sensation seemed to last for a little while.
* I had a feeling of a warm flush throuhout the body as the full-body calm seemed to fade.
* There is a strong pleasure that occurs and it feels like it’s in my penis, but right at the base of it.

A couple of other things, sometimes I feel I can hold the toy in place but as a sensation of pleasure starts to build up, it feels as though the toy is pushed out the way and I’m not sure what by or how to control it.

I noticed a feeling after I finished the session and took the toy out. I’m not sure what, I was just *aware* of my muscles down there. Would that be a kind of muscle exhaustion?

Also I’m trying to be good and not masturbate by conventional means after a session, which has often felt very hard to avoid as usually I feel *desperate* to cum. Is it best to avoid ejaculation all together? Or is it ok to limit it, maybe once a week?

I wonder, I know a lot of people on this forum recommend weed, and if I can get my hands on some I’ll be keen to try it, but what about viagra? I have some because I tend to have some mild ED issues, but I wonder if anyone has experience using an Aneros with viagra.

I stress, while obviously I do want to experience the super-o, I have been trying to keep in mind the adage of “it’s the journey, not the destination”. In the past I’ve been frustrated at times but I think I’m managing that better. Though now I feel like I want to use it every night, I’m trying to limit myself to 3 times a week.

Thank you if you’ve read any of this 🙂


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  1. It sounds like you are making progress since you’re less focused on penile pleasure and observing the sensations elsewhere in your body. Learning how to not automatically “crave” touching the penis and going “god if only I could just touch my penis” in a session is pretty crucial. The feelings you’re looking for are quite different.

    I’ve had similar experiences to you where I have calm pools of pleasure from inserting and then the prostate “calms down” afterward. It usually takes a while before I start to feel P-waves afterwards. I just sit back and listen to some music, breathe, and let my body do the work.

    For me, it begins when my aneros feels like it’s buzzing inside me. Then I start to feel the buzz go in places around my body – my right arm and abdomen usually get very sensitive to touch. I don’t try to control where the aneros is tapping against me though, or even visualize it within me.

    I think concentrating or enjoying the buzz, and feeling out where it goes, is key for the p-waves to build. Porn and weed might help some people “get” there faster but I’ve never used either when playing. Just enjoy the feelings you are experiencing and recognize orgasm is much more than just the way you masturbate a penis. Cheers.

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