Semen Retention

Going on my second week w/o cumming…super turned up, pretty much all the time at this point. My wife and I usually have great sex about once a week with teasing and play inbetween (she knows about my pgasms and how to bring me to them with external petting and stimulation), but we had family in town and I knew this past weekend was a no go. Nipple play and aless sessions are CRAZY intense right now. I’m usually good for about 5-7 days and then I’m just out of my mind and end up cumming. This is usually a pretty good formula and timeframe for a great sex life. I occasionally have the chance to make it last longer, that time of the month, family visits, travel, etc…
My question for the pros is…does this intensity keep ratcheting up the longer you go w/o ejaculating or does you body adjust and it sort of plateaus or goes in the opposite direction? I’ve heard of abstaining leading to wet dreams and hfwo, just wondering where to go from here.


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  1. I personally reach a peak at around 2 weeks, then I begin coming down. I usually recognize this and plan a really long night with a penile O as the cherry on top. If I try to ride it all the way down, I will eventually lose interest and basically have to kickstart myself by forcing an orgasm. It’s like my sex hormones calm down.

    If I cum when I’m at the peak, I will usually be HIGHER the next night, but then whether or not I cum the second day, it is followed by about 2 days of no interest, followed by the ramp up again. Edging can sometimes reduce the refractory period.

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