Edging after rewiring?

I currently in the process of successfully rewiring myself, I can have HFWO with involuntaries pretty consistently, but not Dry Os or super O yet. Once I do eventually reach a super O, will edging/normal masturbation impede my ability to give myself dry Os? I want to edge to increase my sexual stamina, but I’m concerned I’ll ‘undo’ the rewiring process. Am I overthinking this or is it a valid concern? Thoughts from more experienced users?

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  1. Normal masturbation is fine, as in masturbating to completion.

    Edging however is not, it destroys the rewiring you have done by reinforcing connections to your penis.

  2. Edging will enhance the process once you are rewired. I once or twice will edge 8- 10 times a month, to see how close I can orgasm without a penial orgasm. As long as you don’t orgasm and ejaculate at same moment, you will be fine. I am at the point where there is at least a 2-3 second difference between the two.

  3. There’s no flipswitch, there’s only experience. If you wish then you can do whatever but there is a price you pay for refractory period and you’ll be very much aware of it.

  4. Masturbation / ejaculation will send you back to “level 1” feelings….. the longer without it the higher feelings you get for Aless / aneros sessions…

    I avoid all Masturbation now (am re wired) only time will ejaculatate is in sex.

  5. When ever someone asks this question i like to retort another question: do you forget how to swim, once you learn how to steer a boat? Or do you forget how to ride a bicycle once you learn to ride a motorcycle?

    It’s really just learning a new skill – same with aneros – you don’t overwrite something – you form new neural connections in your brain that previously didn’t exist.

    New neural connections start forming once you start to seriously invest time into something that is new to you: learning a new language is a great example for that.

    The only time touching your junk *might* be a hindrance is when you just started to form these new connections, because mixing penis play into prostate play will probably slow down the process.

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