Anyone else experience this?

So I would argue I’ve never felt anything specifically that I could identify as my prostate. I can’t exactly find it. I am having fun on this journey though. I have the most reliable success by aless with a bit of flower. Often the pleasure is squarely located in my lower zone and the pleasure from my cock distracts me. Last time I experienced something slightly different. I could feel my heart beat pulsing loudly throughout my body. Up and down it. And closing my eyes.. My sense of balance quickly rotated/flicked back and forth from the left side of one ear to the right side rapidly. I very briefly felt weight of a blanket on me, a hint of floating. Curious!

My thoughts for beginners are to give up the toys. I have several and they are not subtle enough. If you are having trouble feeling anything, just forget the toys for now. Flower is key.



  1. Dafuk is flower? Is that the devil’s lettuce? You know that only one drink of that can make you addicted!

  2. Weed gets me into the right mindset. It helps me focus on looking for the pleasure from my prostate while ignoring my dick. (It makes me hyper focus.)

    If you’re having trouble with finding your prostate, these are my biggest tips:

    1.) Daily kegel exercises every day for at least 5 min for at least 2 weeks.

    2.) Get yourself good and aroused *before* going for your prostate. Your prostate swells with fluid during arousal making it more sensitive and bigger. I usually edge a few times, but I have the self control not to touch when I start my prostate play.

    3.) Find the “sweet spot” of pressure that works for you. When you are ready and insert your Aneros, start by squeezing with both your PC and sphincter muscles. Squeeze hard but not so hard it is distracting you.

    Then slowly release your PC muscles while maintaining your sphincter as best you can (it’s okay if you can’t.) At some point, you should feel pleasure or at least feel the toy vibrate. When you do maintain the pressure and try to relax the rest of your body and mind. Meditation, deep breathing exercises, or just simply repeating “relax” in your head. (see for help.)

    You may start to feel your muscles (arms and legs) involuntary contact. Do you best to relax them mentally and not forcefully. You will eventually find the contractions to be too much and will completely relax. At that point, repeat the process. Your goal is to find the sweet spot of pressure that works for you and to practice getting there as soon as possible so that you can eventually do it subconsciously (muscle memory.)

    4. Cheating tip: If all else fails, but a percussive massager and apply it to the tabs of the aneros. You’ll feel your prostate and know what to look for. Try squeezing and relaxing exercises with it too.

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