Wow! What just happened? Unintentional Aless?

TLDR at the end.

M 28. Long time lurker of this sub. Throwaway account obviously. Been using my helix syn on and off for a few years now, but the past few months I have been making some pretty substantial progress.

Yesterday morning I had the house to myself and decided to have a session before starting the day. It was pretty uneventful to be honest. Small p waves but I could tell I wasn’t in the right mindset. I was chasing the feeling, not letting it happen. Getting better at that but still it takes some focus. Even though I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to end my sessions without finishing with a traditional orgasm I couldn’t help myself. I edged with my syn still inserted and had a pretty decent traditional orgasm. I cleaned up and went about my day hoping my next session would be more eventful without my cock involved.

I get home from the gym last night and popped a weed gummy to relax and watch tv, nothing out of the ordinary for me. Watch some tv with the wife and have a good evening. I pick up a little around the house and it’s time to go to bed. My wife had gone to bed already and fell asleep while I was picking up and putting dishes away. At this point I’m not horny in the slightest, just a little high. I lay down in bed and about 30 seconds later I feel my prostate tingle and my pc muscle contracts involuntarily. This gets my attention.

The next thing I know I feel an eruption of pleasure waves radiating from my prostate. I can’t help but grind my hips up and down as my body writhes under the sheets. My cock is rock hard and I haven’t touched it at all. My pc muscles keep rhythmically contracting without any say so from my brain. This sensation keeps intensifying and I have to bite down on my comforter to try and not make any sounds.

I can sense that I am on the verge of something even more intense. I feel my body trying to explode, like I’m on the very edge of orgasm, like the point of no return in a traditional orgasm but the pleasure stays, and builds throughout my entire body.

Now it is important to note here that I have not yet brought up the topic of prostate play at all with my wife (who is currently sleeping next to me while I am only inches away from her in complete bliss). She has always seemed turned off by “back door” play, which I am completely ok with. We have an amazing sex life already, I’m fine keeping prostate play as my own thing for now. Luckily she is a heavy sleeper but if I’m ever going to bring up the subject of prostate play I’d rather do so gently, not force it on her by waking her up appearing to be having a seizure with a throbbing erection.

This thought crosses my mind just in time. I’m 100% convinced that if I would have waited even another second more that I would have had my first super O and would have woken her up. I tell myself to get it together. I take a few deep breaths and open my eyes trying to collect myself.

I keep thinking to myself “you can’t cum, you can’t cum”. This was a mistake. It set fire to my prostate again as my body tries to defy my mind. I bite the comforter again to muffle my moans and fast breathing. I feel almost like I am floating as my body clutches and clenches on its own and the pleasure builds again. A warmth starts radiating from my pspot, down my legs and up into my core.

“Please don’t cum “ I beg of myself It was the most intense thing I have ever felt and the crazy thing is I can tell it was just the tip of the iceberg if I would have just given in and let it happen. I finally manage to compose myself, completely out of breath. I sit up on the side of the bed, blown away by what just happened. I have absolutely no idea how much time passed. It could have been 10 minutes or an hour and a half and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

I am now more excited than ever to experience this again, when I can let loose and not have to try and resist so I don’t give myself away. Hopefully I can master this and more reliably experience this pleasure when my syn is inserted.

TLDR: went to bed not horny at all, just a little high. Prostate had other plans and I experienced aless pgasm against my will.



  1. Well, the fact that you wished it to stop, with your wife right there, probably made it stronger 🙂

  2. If you can avoid finishing yourself off it will go a long way to improving the sessions / Aless…

    Only time now I finish is with wife… it increases your sex drive all around, allows you too Aless almost every day if you want. Feel better…. it will be tough at first but it makes the journey so much better….

    You get to a point down the track where you can Aless when ever you want and turn it off and on …. bored on the couch… Aless etc etc..

    Also weed enhances any session by so much its crazy, now you know those feelings you will be able to know when they are coming even when sober.

  3. I think my biggest roadblock is getting into the right mental headspace and fully relaxing. I’m somehow still trying to control things with a light touch and can’t seem to let go. Weed seems to be a great catalyst because every post I’ve read about getting close to or experiencing a super o involves weed. Unfortunately it’s not an option for me right now. Sigh. I’ll get there one day

  4. I’m new to aneros as well and have experimented with edibles. What kinda gummy did you take?

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