Unintentionally have more success A-less. How to make it repeatable?

Anyone else have this happen to them? I had a more powerful orgasm aless basically out of nowhere than I have ever had when using either of my aneros.

I have been having pretty good sessions lately with my helix syn and progasm. A couple times a week. Each session seems to be better than the last or if I don’t get the same sensations I learn more about my body and what to do/not to do. Overall I’m happy with my progress.

Two days ago though I had a more intense prostate orgasm aless than I’ve ever had with either of my aneros inserted. I had vaped some weed(normal for me) and had a rare night with the house completely to myself. Normally the only alone time is in the early morning before work. I had taken about a week off since my last session and about 4-5 days since my last traditional orgasm. I was sitting on the couch watching sports, not horny at all, and all of a sudden I feel a tingle and a slight warmth radiating from my prostate.

How often do you use weed?

I’ve been having sessions pretty regularly, 2-3 times a week. Weed really makes a huge difference. I don’t want to develop a high tolerance. Would it be worth it to have sessions without weed given that the session probably won’t be as good?

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Wow! What just happened? Unintentional Aless?

TLDR at the end.

M 28. Long time lurker of this sub. Throwaway account obviously. Been using my helix syn on and off for a few years now, but the past few months I have been making some pretty substantial progress.

Yesterday morning I had the house to myself and decided to have a session before starting the day. It was pretty uneventful to be honest. Small p waves but I could tell I wasn’t in the right mindset. I was chasing the feeling, not letting it happen. Getting better at that but still it takes some focus. Even though I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to end my sessions without finishing with a traditional orgasm I couldn’t help myself. I edged with my syn still inserted and had a pretty decent traditional orgasm. I cleaned up and went about my day hoping my next session would be more eventful without my cock involved.

I get home from the gym last night and popped a weed gummy to relax and watch tv, nothing out of the ordinary for me. Watch some tv with the wife and have a good evening. I pick up a little around the house and it’s time to go to bed. My wife had gone to bed already and fell asleep while I was picking up and putting dishes away. At this point I’m not horny in the slightest, just a little high. I lay down in bed and about 30 seconds later I feel my prostate tingle and my pc muscle contracts involuntarily. This gets my attention.