1. I don’t smoke, I have gummies, and will take a bite, or a whole one every so often and normally right before I know I’ll get a session.

  2. I’m a daily cannabis user, and it definitely builds a tolerance. I can take a break for a week or more and really notice a difference in the high. Individual tolerance can vary a lot too, so just go at your own pace.

    Weed has mild physical withdrawal symptoms, usually poor sleep and more irritability for a few days, or up to a week. It’s easy enough to take tolerance breaks if your tolerance goes up.

    But there are people who never stop being stoned, so there are ways to get blasted even after your tolerance goes up. The stoner community has a shocking amount of creativity and ingenuity. Hell, most of the concentrate products that are sold now were developed by normal people while weed was still illicit.

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