Is the progasm Jr shorter than the Progasm?

I just got my progasm delivered today and I was more than exited to use it! The size isn’t an issue as I’ve used dildos in the past that are the same size or bigger. What I noticed though, was as I inserted it, I hit the P spot but had about an inch or less of the toy to still insert so it doesn’t hit the P spot where I think it should. I flex or do Keagle’s but I don’t really get direct pressure on the p spot. Is that normal? Or is it maybe a little bit to long for what I may need?

Thank you for any advice and help.

Otherwise foe those looking or interested. If you want a thicker toy, the progasm is awesome!


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  1. Here’s a comparison: Progasm-review/" rel="nofollow ugc">

    It’s a little bit shorter, trying different positions may have bigger effect.

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