1. I never heard of such consensus and would disagree. Unless you have some kind of blood pressure or heart disease you probably won’t pass out (or die). Oh, and of course if you’re sober.

  2. I have had super O sessions where all I see is white light….. I have no idea what my body is doing… If I’m contracting or what is happening with the aneros… I feel my brain buzzing… I hear clicking inside my brain and weird noises….

    But never pass out… you can always turn off the super O

  3. I haven’t found the upper limit- each session gets better and further into the unknown. Never passed out but I have regular sessions that are so intense that my whole body just shuts down like a fuse blew somewhere. Takes a few minutes to recover from those but I can usually be right back at that level.

  4. I had a super O so strong that I was screaming at the top of my lungs kicking and thrashing until I couldn’t breathe. I remember lying there afterwards just shaking and panting.

  5. Haven’t blacked out from a super O but have made noises I didnt think I could (almost singing with joy) and pretty much left my body for a good 30mins… hard to describe.. but utterly an event of joy and peace.
    The afterglow of which felt like every cell in my body was fizzing for the next two hours plus… its like this energy wave orgasm sensation… lyimg there breathing slow hands clutching face as wave after expamding wave of pleasure radiates out from my prostate into every bit of my soul…
    It is slightly addictive lol….

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