Plateau Passed

I spent a long time in this phase of the journey where my body would react as if I was having an orgasm (twitching, shaking, gasping)… but with very little actual pleasure.

I switched positions from on back, knees up to on back, legs spread with a pillow under butt and I think that has made an enormous difference. I can feel the prostate move the toy “differently” now… and I’m starting to feel involuntary pleasure without me having to stimulate nipples… the pleasure right now feels like a “tapping”. It’s very pronounced because each “tap” feels like a tiny little pleasure shock deep inside and focused. These “taps” happen back to back, then go away, then come back sometimes. The pleasure tapping isn’t moan worthy, but I’d say it’s close, but it still feels quite nice.

Looking forward to the next session.



  1. Putting a pillow or rolled up towel under your butt helps angle your hips better so that the aneros will make good contact with your prostate. Has always helped me.

  2. Should give on the side a try… knees slightly bent and pillow in-between your legs

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