Progasm : 20th Anniversary Edition

Long time lurker but posting first time. So, I’ve been using Trident on and off for about 1 year but I decided to pursue bit seriously 3 weeks ago.

During these 3 weeks, I’ve had some interesting sensations and “almost” precum( precum that is not dripping out but just stays in penis). I usually feel like something is building up and lose focus. I’m able to distinguish btw PC and Anal muscles as well. This was with Trident

So, last Sunday, I went no fap and been real horny. Also, few days ago I wanted to try Progasm after reading a lot. So, I ordered it after few days

Today, I finally got it and I was so excited and could feel my heartbeat in my prostate( this happens quite often but if I try to focus it just goes away). So, I lubed up the new boi Progasm and popped it in there.

The first thing I noticed was how “pressing” it is on prostate. I could see why people say Progasm is so “violent” . I felt like if it clicks, it gonna fuck me up to heaven but…

Here’s the sad part, I started to feel uncomfortable with the Kundalini tab/ the spine support tab. I did read about this but hell with Aneros I don’t know why it felt like someone is shoving a needle up my arse. I don’t know if I am supposed to move it in a way that it would not hurt? Also, the length and girth did feel good and also bit too much. I guess it’s common coming from Trident. I did feel good for like 20 min and then I didn’t know what to do. My legs started shaking I think it is cause of my position. My “usual” position is on the back, knees folded back with feet on bed. (The common one) . Everyone now and I keep changing positions so I could stop my legs from shaking. I don’t even know if that’s a bad thing.

Wanted to try weed but it’s illegal in the UK 😞. I’d really appreciate any tips/ suggestions.

Thank you



  1. Anything uncomfortable will take you out of it. It may be too much pressure from the tab, too much pressure on the prostate, getting tired or stiff or whatever. Always try to adjust before it becomes a problem, I guess you’ll have to get some experience – and you need to do this intuitively while maintaining the excitement. You can try little movements or just change positions for a minute, lie down, stand up. There’s a lot you can do. Having a short break after 30 minutes might help too or maybe just limit your session for now.

  2. If you are careful, and use a heat gun (or low flame torch or similar), you can gently heat, then slightly bend the tabs as needed to make things more comfortable–just go slow.

  3. Progasm puts a near constant pressure on the prostate – it takes some getting used to. I’d use the do nothing technique with it for this reason, just focus on breathing and feeling.
    A little lube on the P & K Tabs can help also.
    I find I can manage about 35-40 min with the anniversary edition – hyper intense and then things start to get a little sore in there.
    Given the ALESS orgasms afterwards tend to go on for an hour or two this short session duration isn’t the detriment it would seem.
    Weed does help. So does meditation (with or in absence of weed).

  4. Which Trident model are you using, since the Trident is more like a series and not a specific model?

    I have a similar situation with a “poking” tab. The P-tab of my MGX Trident sometimes becomes uncomfortable as it is litterally poking into my perineum which turns it sore. But it’s just sometimes the case. The Syn models however have flexible tabs. Unfortunately there is no Progasm Syn which would be the better choice for you instead of the standard Progasm.

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