Question about PC muscle

So I just saw a comment on here about the website I’ve been trying to get a prostate orgasm for 13 years with no success (enjoyed the process though) and was just looking around these forums for tips when I ran into the link. Really cool web app, was very impressed with the polish and design. I decided to try the first lesson and immediately got stuck not even 5 minutes in. The instructions are to flex your PC muscle and I realized that this is likely why I am having such a hard time advancing.

I’ve never been able to know how to control this muscle voluntarily. When I’m peeing, if I try to stop the flow of pee mid stream it hurts really bad. Is this normal? Is it supposed to hurt like mad if you stop pee mid stream? I definitely don’t know how to flex the PC muscle or even know where to start with it, and maybe that’s why. Maybe TMI but I am also really bad at holding pee in when I need to hold it. Often it trickles out a bit while I’m trying to track down a bathroom… so maybe I just have a tremendously underdeveloped PC muscle? (In case it’s relevant, I’m a very fit and healthy outdoor athlete, so I’m used to understanding how to control individual muscle groups)

In the “do nothing” technique is it still required that you understand how to respond to sensations with PC muscle flexing? Am I screwed if I can’t find this muscle?

Thanks for any help or tips!
For clarity: I have an old school MGX aneros from 12 years ago, a njoy wand, and a plethora of lesser prostate toys/dildos at my disposal.



  1. Hey there!

    It most definitely should NOT hurt. If it hurts, something is wrong.
    I strongly advise you seek medical attention, to rule out anything serious! Reddit is not a reliable source for that. Neither am I.

    On a different note: Thanks for the praise for my new home. 🙂 I love it there.



  2. I think you should see your doctor. Tell them about not being able to hold urine, and having pain when flexing.

    You might need to do some pelvic floor exercises. Your doctor will know more.

    Have you ever had a prostate exam? Might want to have them do that while you’re there. Doctor will know best.

    Good luck!

  3. As others have said, you should see a doctor (you may get referred to a urologist.) If I stop my pee while my bladder is quite full still, it won’t be comfortable, but it doesn’t really hurt. Can you describe the pain? Burning? Stabbing (pin point pain) or broad pain? Does it persist after releasing for PC and continue to urinate?

    As far as not being able to separate your PC and sphincter muscles, that’s quite common. You have to strengthen your muscles more since we don’t really use them. Just do your best and it will get better. Do some basic kegels every day for 2 weeks and you’ll see a difference.

    You can even try separating the two during the exercises. It is easiest to squeeze both and slowly try to relax one while maintaining the other. When you get decent at that, try releasing and squeezing one while maintaining constant on the other.

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