Religious experience during a session?

Hey everyone,Last week I had quite a strange experience. I’ve had a cold during the last two weeks and as soon as my symptoms started, I stopped consuming weed, which I vaped almost everyday, to make sure I would get over my cold quicker and to lesser my syptoms. So, for several days, I didn’t vape at all, which went really well. I also didn’t play at all with an aneros as I didn’t felt any urge to do so and because I really enjoy more anal play when high.Last friday, as my symptoms were really manageable and as I felt ready to start vaping weed again, I decided to have my first aneros session in 3 weeks. Evidently, because I stopped vaping for so long, weed hit me really hard. I decided to use the eupho syn, and wow, it was really an intense session! A problem I tend to have is that I tend to get quickly to a HFWO but this time the whole process took longer and I finally managed to get some small but sweet dry Os. While I left my whole being being washed over by pleasure, I felt some presence with me. Usually, I fantasize about several kinks of mine and I imagine myself having sex with partners, but this time, I didn’t try to think about a partner. On the contrary, I felt like an immaterial partner was with me and accompanying my mind to the final orgasm. I didn’t do any physical effort as I was finally able to let go of all form of control of my body and just have this intense pleasure with this presence. After this wet super O, as the pleasure was slowing leaving me, I was in a state of bliss and I started to think about the whole experience. The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I was one with some higher being.I’m still thinking about it 4 days later. I’m not a religious person: I considered myself an anti-theist when I was a teenager and I evolved to become more an open-minded atheist these days. I was interested by stoicism last year and while I appreciated the idea of providence, it didn’t evolved in spirituality for me. Yet I’m really curious about what I experienced. Maybe I was just too high on weed and I shouldn’t care about it, or maybe I became more open to spiritual experiences during this session. I must add that I did consume psychedelics drugs at several occasions during last year but it never made me more spiritual.Has anyone here lived a similar experience? Have you been able to live it again?I hope this post is not too off-topic, but I can say the aneros really helped me get this religioux experience



  1. Search “spiritual aneros forum” in Google. Plenty of stories of deep experiences when having a super O. The weed def plays a part in it.

    I have had similar experiences. I had a super weird one once… I was infront of a mirror… and I could see the energy around my body where ever the pleasure was… when it was around the penis… I could see external energy buzzing around my penis…

    Aneros + thc can do some weird stuff.

  2. The prostate orgasm can be a path to seeing the truth about life, relationships, and, your Creator.
    Deny all you want, but, there is more. Jesus Christ, the Son of God died in your place to allow you forgiveness. Religion is corrupted by man, the simple truth is that Jesus Christ came to the earth as God to die in your place. Understand this truth and you will be saved.

  3. It happened with my first Super O. It’s almost like everything makes sense for the first time in your life. I couldn’t stop laughing, smiling, almost having tears of happiness.
    And for some reason, everything was brighter, clearer to see. Definitely the closest experience to God I’ve ever had

  4. I’m not religious, but good sex has always felt spiritual. Prostate play is just so intense, it’s one of the few ways I often get the same vibe, even by myself.

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