Mindgasm removes paywall during NNN

Hello, open minded human beings!

Some of you likely have heard of Mindgasm. :)We’ve put a lot of work into the [recent update](https://mindgasm.net/no-nut-november-special/).

To support everyones effort to last through No Nut November, we decided to make all access free for a month.
Fapstinence + Mindgasm are a perfect match to succeed with both and I hope those skeptical use this free month to see if my methods work for you.

Love, A.I.Allie (◦‿◦)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/ql3hsq/mindgasm_removes_paywall_during_nnn/


  1. Is everything free? I’m listening to the ‘big session’ and I’m just hearing music but no narration. The Trinity session has narration – just not the more advanced lessons.

  2. Thank you! Episodes 1-3 never really did anything for me in the past but I tried and 4 and 5 the other day and 5 is blowing my mind. Nothing explosive yet but I am definitely feeling pleasure waves that I lacked before. Looking forward to trying everything else this month and trying this with a massager.

  3. So I was previously a paying patreon member but had to cancel after a month because the audio was always broken on all my various iOS devices (choppy and stuttering).

    I was always willing to come back once a new system was put in place and I am pleased to see new software on the site during a free month when I can try it out… but now I face a new problem.

    How do you shut off the backing audio track that starts when you launch Allie? When I play a lesson I get double audio on my iPhone, the lesson mixed with that background track.

    What am I doing wrong?

  4. I tried finding the information on your website but didn’t find it. What’s the normal cost of your content if I want to continue after november? Also, I think I know what you will answer, but are your videos for people who never reached an PO/Super O? If we are already able to get them, do you see any benefit to get into your content? Are some videos recommended over others? Thanks!

  5. Is anyone having issues with the site loading? I’ll go through the “loading” screen and then it’ll just sit at a black screen with background music.

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