Discovered a new method and had HFWOs nonstop for an hour.

Tonight I had the most mindblowing orgasm of my life. I’ve been an avid user of prostate massagers for the past 10 years, elusively chasing the Super O but never getting involuntaries (despite good feelings.) Nonetheless I still enjoyed my sessions – I would always finish off by edging until I had an explosive orgasm even if I couldn’t cum from my ass directly with the massager still inside. I highly recommend this by the way, I felt my ability to last during sex and stay rock hard the whole time increased to the point where I could avoid ejaculating during sex if I had the mind to do so. I was having a regular session with a Progasm Jr and about 20 mg of sativa edible, and wore a cage to avoid touching myself in a lapse of judgement. My favorite position is on my back, with knees in the air and feet either up over my stomach, or on the bed, since it made for a relaxing experience and I could browse porn or listen to hypnosis or music. I began doing kegels and after a while, I noticed I could feel a hint of pleasure from bearing down slightly – by squeezing and pushing out the same muscles you would normally use when taking a shit. The problem with this for me is that it always pushes the massager out slightly and the whole massager rotates into an odd (worse) angle. I then had the idea to wrap a rubber band between the perineal tab (the ball at the end of the tab kept it in place) and the front of my cage. What ensued was hours of just bearing down on the massager while it was persistently held in place by the rubber band. I would alternate in 10 second intervals of pushing out the massager or relaxing so the rubber band would pull it back in. This went on for a while before I realized that I was having a harder time telling the difference between when the massager was going in and when it was being pushed out. I’ve never had experience with a male partner but I felt that this would be close to the experience of getting fucked hard and was able to fantasize with my eyes closed. Then it hit me – I could feel precum being pushed out of my cock each time the massager was pulled back in. For the next few hours I was drooling, crying, toes curled and I felt myself cumming repeatedly – every time it felt like I was coming down and I was able to relax, I involuntarily squeezed as hard as I could and set off another orgasm. I could feel an endless stream of precum being pushed out, and the weed made the experience that much more intense. After the session I still felt my prostate swelling up with precum and was able to clench and squirt precum while flaccid.

I just wanted to share this method since I’ve been chasing prostate orgasms for years and years. I hope that this helps other people out there, and I hope you all enjoy!

**TLDR if you don’t want to read my rant:**

– have any prostate massager.

– have some weed if you got it (I use sativa)

– insert while lubed up liberally

– attach rubber band between perineal tab and the top of your penis/cage. Helps if you have a cage, but if not, use tissue or a towel to cushion against the band.

– alternate in 10 seconds intervals of bearing down (pushing out) and relaxing (rubber band pulls massager back in)

– imagine getting fucked each time you push out

– have endless orgasms each time the massager pushes the precum out of your swollen prostate


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  1. Congrats! I don’t think these are wet orgasms although maybe I’m wrong, I think that usually involves an ejaculation and not just precum. In my opinion, that’s good though, better than good. I haven’t had an prostate orgasms yet in over a year of trying, I’d love to have orgasms separate from ejaculation like that. I get a lot of pleasure so hopefully I get there sooner rather than later!

    Glad you got there in the end! Hope you get to experience many nights of endless orgasms like that, sounds amazing.

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