Progress report again, think I’m on the right path—what you reckon?

Hey there,

I wanted to follow up the post I made a little while ago to discuss new feelings and sensations I’ve been feeling with the toy.

One thing I want to mention, in case anybody new is reading this, **overuse is bad!** Prior to today’s session, I’ve had 3 pretty underwhelming sessions with the Aneros which were in quick succession, a day or two between them. Last I posted about it I said I’d take a break and refrain from using the toy for a week. I think doing that is why I’ve been able to have such a good session with it today, using the prostate too much leaves it feeling a bit sore, which isn’t fun.

I wasn’t planning to have a session this evening but I was laid in bed, struggling to fall asleep and I just felt horny. So I decided to pop it in.

I hadn’t been actively trying to do anything with the toy, when I put it in I was perhaps shivering slightly because it was cold but it didn’t take long to start feeling good. I realise I have tendency to hold my PC muscle at a certain point which seems to hold the toy in just the right spot that it feels like a pleasure spot is being pressed. It isn’t *intense* but it’s certainly a nice feeling.

The feelings were building, I don’t notice myself quivering the muscles around my bottom but I do feel a gentle body quiver, particularly my upper body and arms.

I notice as well I can generate some really good feelings when I exhale and force the air out of my lungs by clenching my abdominal muscles. Even when exhaling, just holding my breath out for a couple of seconds generates a pleasant feeling.

I feel as though my p-waves with this session were deeper. They developed slower, came on stronger. I got to a point where I felt the toy inside new was warm, there was a kind of buzzing/butterfly sort of feeling I felt near the toy. I’m not sure if this is the right way to explain but it just felt *alive*, and I was having some strong feelings, possibly the strongest I’ve ever had with the Aneros.

It reached a point where I felt a hardness, I think my PC muscles were being held strongly. I felt little waves of what felt like more traditional penile orgasmic pleasure starting in my prostate and shooting along to the tip of my cock. It gave me a feeling for a few moments like… Not that I was about to cum but I felt desperately that I needed to.

The full session lasted about an hour and a half. I was about to stop after the hour as the feelings had mostly subsided but as I was relaxing my muscles the feelings came back.

That’s something I’m keen to get input on, because I notice the pleasurable sensations definitely come in periods of maybe 25 minutes? I seem to reach a maximum pleasure point and then, I don’t know why but, the good feelings fade. But in the same session I can do that several times. I think my question is, is that normal? Or should I be hoping to not have that kind of “fall back to earth” feeling where all the good pleasure feelings I’ve been having in the session just dissipate.

Thanks for reading this


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  1. That’s good progress, I don’t know how new you are but everything you said is right. Just keep doing what your are normally doing just keep the 2 days break when your prostate feels sore or unstimulated, it needs time to reenergise. The more you keep on playing the more your body gets used to the pleasure and it becomes stronger over time.

    Maybe one tip I’d say is try not to hold your PC muscles too tightly for too long. The aneros only needs to tap around gently.

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