1. I love the shape, I hate the tabs. I find them annoying and distracting. I wish there was just a flat T shape like most buttplugs have. Also, I wish they made with a vibrator.

  2. I have to put a folded towel between me and the perineum tab sometimes, else it becomes really uncomfortable.

    Towel helps point it up toward prostate as well.

    I like the shape and the hard plastic though, and the super sick texture is the best!

  3. Ok…that was impressive. Found out that having it in was nice, but not overwhelmingly orgasmic through contractions. However, I began lightly tapping the “pull tab” to basically tap my prostate and holy crap!!! ‘Twas the most I’ve cum in a long time…and it was otherwise hands free. 😳😳 eye popping

  4. So…had a session earlier this afternoon. Was seated and found myself really enjoying myself. Started rocking my hips, the bottom tab caused the Progasm to rock up against my prostate and holy crap I came hard hands free yet again. So…this thing is magic!

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