1. I like to pull it up toward my perineum a bit. That seems to get the whole toy angled a bit better on some days.

    I also will occasionally put a folded towel between me and the tab when it’s getting rowdy and digging in. That also helps to angle the toy.

  2. I’ve noticed that insertion is very important to get good results later in the session. No matter what model of Aneros you use.
    You don’t have to push the massager all the way in.
    Once it is inserted about three quarters of the way in, you have to let your body do its thing. You have to “swallow” the massager in a way. Normally a reflex contraction should complete the insertion and position the massager in the right place. In principle, the P-tab should also be in the right place. In any case, this is what happens for me.

  3. To find the spot, get aroused/hard and move your finger along your taint with slight pressure until you feel a pressure/good feeling in both your penis and prostate at the same time.

    Then use a heat gun to mold the tab so it presses on it (not too much pressure!).

    It’s normally closer to your balls.

    Once you get it right and it stays on the right spot, you will get much faster results.

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