Lurker making progress

Hey everyone, I’ve been lurking on this Reddit since late July when I unknowingly started my journey. Mid 30’s cis dude who on a whim decided I wanted to learn more about prostate play. I came in blind just figuring I’d put a vibrator up there and let that take care of the rest. So I did some research which led me to aneros and a helix syn v model.

Well this past week after three months of consistent 2/3 times a week sessions I have been able to achieve multiple dry o’s. Last night was my best session to date and I am still buzzing. I absolutely get turned on reading your testimonials so I will share mine.

Had a great mini aless session on lunch at work. Really strong p waves so I was very exited to get home and have a session with my helix. Came home and had a small amount of a edible and meditation to get relaxed. After putting in my helix I instantly went cross eyed. It felt so good I had trouble bringing myself to use my phone to put on my binural beats. There were ppl playing basketball in my courtyard and a month ago this would of been a distraction but I just laid on my side let go and listened to the ball and the chatter of the game all while some very deep waves were building. After a bit I assumed my favorite position-on my back, feet flat, ass propped by a pillow- the fireworks did not take long. I had I’d say a dozen dry o’s over the next hour, each one stronger than the last. I can’t overstate how this is the most pleasure I’ve ever felt. No drug taking experience (of which I’ve had many) can truly compare to multiple dry o’s imo. I’ve read lots of testimonials and no one over exaggerates the experience.

I don’t have many original insights that haven’t been posted here. One thing I don’t think I have seen though is one of my barriers for awhile was during my inhale it would always dull even a strong wave and that was the last step between a great swell tipping over the edge. Now I find that when I focus as much as I can on my prostate on the inhale and then completely let go and just ride the wave on the exhale I tip over the edge.

Really I came here to say thank you to everyone who contributes here. This Reddit has been such a wealth of great information on my aneros journey.



  1. Thanks for the post! I agree with you! This forum does help. Once your body rewires itself and you get that first one…. Those waves. I don’t know about you, but those waves hit me and my entire body goes CRAZY! It’s like my abs go super tight on their own and I’m screaming in pleasure. Once you get there, you are there.

  2. In my experience binaural beats make it hard to achieve a super O… as the beats are dictating what your body is doing… and its not following its own course.

    Fwiw I love binaural beats and they work amazing for Aless sessions… but with the aneros in i find it takes away from the journey.

  3. Man, some of you are lucky or something. I’ve been playing with my ass since before puberty (almost 40 now) and focusing on prostate play seriously for about 5 years now and while its enjoyable I still haven’t even come close to the pleasurable feelings some of you say exist, makes me wonder if its just not possible for me.

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