How far do you insert your aneros eupho?

Do you push it all the way in right to base or do you push it just nice and comfortable just around the base to have good sessions and orgasms? Because from my researchs, the location of the prostate is just around 2-3 inch from our anus, right? If we push the aneros all the way in, it might go past it and hit our bladder, right?



  1. This was my experience with the program. Jr was a good size but to long for me. I’m going to order the program jr next because it’s shorter in length and see if that hits the spot

  2. Most of the Aneros toys are designed to actually go slightly past your prostate and involve one of the faces to press upon it towards the anterior part of the toy.

    It is OK to put it in the full distance; what is providing the stimulation is the front side of the top-most bulb, typically.

  3. For me, insertion is very important to have a successful session.
    I push the massager in about three quarters of the way and let my body do the rest. There is a kind of reflex contraction that “sucks” the massager and places it exactly in the right place. The P-Tab is slightly in contact with my perineum.

  4. I’ve tried both. My experience is that when I use my hand and insert all the way in – I feel aneros come in contact w something but then it slowly retracts and to what my body naturally accepts – if that makes sense. If my involuntaries do get going which doesn’t always happen – it seems to hit that spot when I initially push it all the way in – if that makes sense.

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