Next model?

Looking for my next purchase. I have the helix syn trident. Want to go with one of the non-syn models mainly for more lube options and to have it be more mobile. What’s everyone’s opinion of the mgx, trident, eupho, pro?

I know alot of ppl swear by the pro but I’m not sure if I need the fullness/prostate pounding that it provides…I tend to go for longer sessions and it seems a little intimidating/uncomfortable.

Mainly looking for ppls opinions on the shapes…like the mgx seems fatter in the middle, how does that feel/move compared to the trident? Eupho seems longer, skinnier…etc



  1. It seems to be so personal that it’s really hard to say, I don’t like the white plastic models but I like the Eupho shape the best. I have both the syn and plastic Eupho models, but I just don’t like the plastic ones. I’m definitely not advanced, no p-gasms yet, but the Eupho Syn provides the best pleasure for me so far. If you like plastic ones, you might like the Eupho shape – it builds the pleasure up well by teasing your prostate I find. That said, I have the Helix Syn v and I’ve had good pleasure with that too. That may be more down to the subtle vibration than the shape though – hard to say as I don’t have a normal Helix and I haven’t used the syn v without vibrations much.

    That said I was surprised with the syn v as it seems to build up my prostate sensitivity well despite being larger than the Eupho, but the MGX which is smaller and less aggressive than the syn V just feels like too much blunt pressure on my prostate to take me anywhere. Personally, I don’t like it. What is cool about the MGX is the ribbed part at the bottom though, that adds some extra sensation and it’d be nice to see that feature on other models.

    I have a Progasm Jr on the way and I’m not sure if it’ll be for me, but I want to try what I can to potentially get closer to pgasms. I imagine the extra blunt force probably won’t be for me, but who knows. So far, based on my personal experience, I’d recommend the Eupho shape above the others, I made a lot of progress with it and despite having bought the syn v which vibrates, I may end up going back to the Eupho at some point to see if it’ll help me off my current plateau. I’ll have to see.

  2. My three favorites are the MGX, Helix Trident, & the Eupho Trident. All white plastic models. That way lube ( coconut oil ) for me isn’t an issue. The MGX is an excellent massager. It has an angle that’s more aggressive and makes harder contact with my prostate. If a session is slowing down a little I find by switching to that it can ramp it up quickly. The Helix Trident is a little more subtle with contact but feels great. Moves well and does a good job with contact when the involuntaries are going. The Eupho Trident moves the best out of the three. I always love to start first and warm up with it. With good lube it has given me some of my best orgasms. All three are great and do have there own feeling. I have yet to have a comparable experience with the bigger toys. Just my experience.

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