1. Best thing to do is experiment and see what feels good. If you want more specific instructions though, the Mindgasm audios are really useful.

  2. Squeeze at 10% for as long as possible and try and ride that 10% wave…. decrease it as soon as you are squeezing harder.

  3. Gosh umm err .. me ? Squeeze at next to nothing hold squueze top muscle very slow holding base usially does its own thing in synch.. relax all of them… repeat ..
    Its the do almost nothing method I suppose.
    If on weed then I just do nothing l except relax.. my body will do what it needs and I just ride along..
    Off weed a lil meditation seems to relax me enough..
    I dont think its any specific muscle squeeze for anyone its not some magic set combo and what worked for me on Saturday might not work so well on Thursdsy…
    It feels to me like I sort of fall down onto and fold around those muscles like dropping onto an orgasm. Hard to explain sorry….

  4. Once in a while I’ll start a sessions with a good 75% hold for 30s, and then relax very slowly. Seems to let the aneros find it’s home. From there I focus on keeping my muscles relaxed at about a 5-20% squeeze. Obviously it’s all subjective, and I’d say the takeaway is mostly – experiment and stay present.

  5. When I started I used the light squeeze and hold for a 7 second count. This usually got things going rather quickly. At this point I don’t squeeze at all. Once it’s in it feels good and my involuntary contractions after a few minutes.

  6. I don’t squeeze much at the start, maybe 20% and not for long to get the leg shaking and involuntaries started. When I’m near a pgasm I have a tendency to do light short squeezes with deep breathing to enhance the toy hitting my prostate.

  7. That depends for me personally less on how hard or long vs how aroused and relaxed I am. I’ve felt a fluttery tingle at 100% for minutes at a time and I’ve felt like my body was being gently tugged into a wave of pleasure at 5% for seconds

  8. Gradually as slow as possible up to 80% hold for 20 seconds and relax gradually back to 0%. The relaxing part feels the best.

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