Squirted for the first time! Any sort of training to do it more frequently?

Like the title states, I had a massive squirting orgasm a couple nights ago. My wife and kids were out of town visiting family, so I cleaned up, smoked a little weed, slipped in my eupho, and listened to a mindgasm training session. Everything felt amazing, then out of nowhere, I felt an orgasm building, with the simultaneous “need to pee” sensation. As the orgasm peaked, the audio told me to relax, and as I did, a second orgasm washed over me and I felt fluid endlessly coming out of me, and it just got more intense. When I finally finished up my session, and went to clean up, I noticed it was clear, thick, and slippery with no smell. It soaked my entire pelvic region and through several layers of towels. It had to have been at least a cup or more. It was absolutely amazing!

Anyway, on to my question. Is there any guided audio or training sessions or anything explicitly for encouraging male squirting? I would love to get better at this, and do it more frequently.

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  1. Have you tried again since? When I started doing it it got easier each time naturally. Just give yourself time for the prostate to get aroused, then focus on relaxing/pushing like you’re peeing. As you start to identify the sensations you can sort of “edge” it like you would a TO.

  2. I think I did this, I have been playing a lot during NNN and had my first HFWO the day before. (No squirt, but a ton of cum) during this orgasm the head of penis throbbed very hard. So on to the squirt. The next day I was still worked up and played again. I felt the same throb just not as intense, the next thing I know I had an orgasm and shot about 8 pulsating streams. After I was done I looked to see if I came again. It was clear and sticky, not watery like urine. Is it possible that I squirted pre cum?

  3. What was the fluid that you secreted? That surely can’t all be semen. Is it fluid produced by the prostate? Surely it can’t produce that much. I have so many questions. Thanks for sharing! I hope to someday produce the same results.

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